A race against time...


“It is of great concern to me that over the last sixty years so much of the priceless heritage of Tibetan Buddhism has vanished, not just through theft and deterioration, but because of lack of knowledge and skill in preservation. Over the last twenty years alone far too many irreplaceable works of art such as thangkas, statues, dance costumes, texts, and other sacred artifacts have been lost to future generations.”

His Holiness 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje


Digital Documentation

Participants learn how to document sacred art in their own monasteries and create a confidential digital inventory. The very existence of such an inventory serves to discourage theft and protect collections in times of disaster and conflict.

Video Interviews 

Participants in Treasure Caretaker Training learn how to interview Elders and to record the interviews on their smartphones and tablets.

“Elders hold the history of the object in the oral history tradition. If an Elder dies and their story is not recorded, then the history of that object can be lost to future generations.”

—Ann Shaftel, Conservator and Director of Treasure Caretaker Training


Risk Assessment and Disaster Management

We work closely with Treasure Caretakers to assess risks to the cultural heritage treasures in their locations, and to create action plans if disaster strikes! Field trips to local monasteries are part of each session.

Our Team supports sacred art preservation for monasteries, universities, and museums in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Europe, and North America.

In 2014 we were recognized with two international awards, and continued encouragement and support of international preservation experts and Buddhist teachers, urging us to expand our efforts.